Reel Gems

Reel Gems is the latest addition to the micro-gaming video slots. It allows the player to play the game in different ways, as there are 243 ways to win huge sums. It is aimed at the increasing female demographic; as women are gambling more than ever these days.

The game, as the name indicates allows the player to win real gems like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, opals and emeralds. The unique feature of the game is that it allows the player to spin individual reels. So you have 5 chances of a win in a 5 reel slot game.

The player also has the option to Re-spin for a little extra payment. This increases the chances of a win for the player by three, four or even five times. When you re-spin, your chance of winning becomes enhanced by a further 3 times. So you have a chance retriggered wins, which in effect means thrice the winnings.

The individual spin of a single reel offers the Free Spin feature and the Re-spin feature make this game a girl’s best friend, as she can win all the gems she wants in a single game. This game has attempted to cater to the women who visit the casinos, and give them a chance to gamble and win at a light hearted game. Of particular appeal to the female player is the lure of winning real gems. This video slot game is a big hit and a lot of the visitors to the casinos seem to like it.

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