Untamed Giant Panda

untamed giant pandaThe micro-gaming video slots world has acquired another great game, called the Untamed Giant Panda.

The game virtually transports the player to the bamboo forests of China where the untamed panda lives in his black and white glory. The latest addition to the “Untamed” adventure series has all the bells and whistles of the earlier editions affording the player a great time in the virtual wild.

The latest edition has three new and enhanced features, just like its earlier versions. These are Collect-a-Wild, Lucky-Nudge and Your-Gamble. As the name implies, you can collect wild cards or take a gamble, either winning or losing.

The Collect-a-Wild works by collecting 4 cards with the wild symbol in each reel; after these 4 cards have been accumulated, the entire reel turns wild and remains so until the next 4 spins are over. This can happen for up to 5 reels in a row, thereby increasing the chances of a huge win for the player.

In Lucky-Nudge, scattered symbols on the edges of the reel are peeking above or below from the edges. If there are more than three such symbols, there is a chance that they might wander onto the screen, triggering Free Spins, thereby too increasing your chances of a huge win.

The new and improved Your-Gamble feature helps you to set the gambling odds according to your own personal preferences. It allows you to set aside a portion of your winnings and gamble a single win for as long as you want to. This allows you flexibility in your gambling patterns and the new Brilliant-Wilds feature enhances your gambling pleasure.

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