About Avalon:
Avalon is a mythical video game, named after the enchanted island which supposedly protects the sword of King Arthur. It is also a 5-reel video slot that takes the player back into the mystical Mists of Time, where he can experience exhilarating adventures. You can play Avalon now on casinos that allow betting with PayPal!

Gird up your loins; get ready to unsheathe your swords and conquer the evil lurking everywhere. The latest video slot game of Avalon takes you to meet the Lady of the Lake. There are mysteries and magical beings around every corner and a surprise awaiting the player at every turn.

The Excalibur of King Arthur awaits its rightful owner’s arrival, so that the Knights of the Round Table can reunite. The enchanted isle of Avalon with its mysterious lakes and magical creatures protects the sword. There are Free Spins which offer the player the chance of multiplying his winnings, of course with some risks involved. Then there is the Treasure Chest which you can discover during a Free Spin, thereby increasing your winnings even more.

If you are willing to take the risk and Gamble, there is a chance you can win more than your fair share. This mythical story has Knights in shining armor, mysterious ladies, castles dappled by sunlight, deep lakes and lush forests, providing a thrilling ride for the players who are into mythical times and games. There are many wild symbols that can help or hinder the player in his adventure, like the Free Spin, Treasure Chest and the Avalon Castle.

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