Blackjack Switch

Blackjack is an extremely popular card game and online casinos offer several variations of the game. An exciting, fun and easy-to-learn variation, which is often considered the best by many, is Blackjack Switch. If splitting cards is your thing, you will enjoy this variety. There is some extra advantage to players in this variety. So to increase the house edge, if the dealer has a 22, all hands are pushed including 21. Only a player blackjack can beat a dealer 22.

The Aim: The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by having more points than he has. But here you have two hands and you can switch the second dealt card between the two in order to get the best possible combination. There are specific rules like you must bet evenly between both hands. You are even allowed to re-split and have up to four hands.

Whether to switch: Usually switching cards is considered as a cheating maneuver. In Blackjack switch, it is strategy! Switching, when done correctly, gives you more chance of hitting Blackjack, so this variety is considered slightly more beneficial to players. Deciding when and whether to switch requires careful planning. Several strategies have been devised to help players make this decision. When playing online, you can also take advantage of the online Switch calculator on which decision to take.

Online casinos such as Luxury Casino are a fun and enjoyable way of playing Blackjack Switch from the comfort of your home. Choose as safe casino online and play safely.

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