One And Thirty

One and thirty is a casino game very similar to blackjack. One and Thirty is a multi player game like blackjack and can also be played by one player. The goal is to get your cards to total 31 (or closest), instead of 21 for blackjack. Just like in blackjack, if you go over 31 then you are bust.

Every card in One-and-thirty are worth their value, with rules similar to blackjack with face cards being worth 10. The difference is that aces can only be used as a 1 and not as an 11. In a multi player game, as everyone is competing against each other, all players are required to agree to place the exact same bet, while in blackjack everyone can have unique bets. There is only one winner each hand, regardless of how many players are playing. The dealer wins if all participating players bust.

One and Thirty isn’t as popular as it once was and is not currently found in any casino or play baccarat online.

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